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WIFI-05 WIFI RGB Controller

WIFI-05 WIFI RGB Controller

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  • Product NameMini IR 24 Keys WIFI Controller



    Product Description:

    This mini IR 24-key WIFI controller is a new way to use your Smart lighting systemAs a member of the series, it is manipulated by connect to wireless router. This is designed to make using your smart lighting system much easier and more convenient. No matter where you are, when it is, you can always control them. Functions like 16 million colors, 20 dynamic modes, music, and picture color recognize.

    Technical Parameters:

       ● Working temperature-20-60℃

       ● Input voltage:DC5-28V

       ● Output:3 circuit

       ● Connection mode:Common anode

    ● controller size:53mm*24mm*11mm

    ● remote size:L85×W52×H7mm

    ● Net weight:45g

    ● Gross weight:50g

    ● Static power consumption:<0.5W

    ● Output current:<4A(each circuit)

    ● Output power: 5V:<60W, 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W

    Direction for use:

    ● Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power

    ● The key functions are as below:

    If you want to change the output channel, the steps are as follows: repower the controller on; when the press the key G for 2 to 3s,the light flashes, long flickering white lightSteps for reorder the sequencing:

    means you've successfully change the output channel to GRB; Similarly, long press key B

    change the channel to BGR, will sequence; long press key R to RGB sequence.

    2In the RGBW version, press W key for RGB and white light; long press W key for 2 seconds will switch to W channel.

    Product Features:

    1. Support for 16 million kinds of color and 

    Brightness adjustment control
    3.Support for color and dynamic mode

    Customization and preservation
    4.Group synchronization control function
    5.The switch time, static ,and dynamic display of 

    the light can be set
    6.Lights and music sync functions
    7.A variety of built-in dynamic model, and the 

    custom dynamic model

    8.Remote control function
    9.The microphone sound control function
    10.The camera takes the background color and the
    setting of the scene

    Mobile APP installation instructions:

    1.Product software APP name: Magic Home Pro
    a. Apple users can search "Magic Home Pro” in "APP
    Store"; Android users can search "Magic Home Pro"
    in "Google Play Store" or from browsers.  The APP is
    free to download and use.

    b. Scan the QR code below to download and install the APP for free.(Please click“ open the web link from the browser ”when you use Wechat to scan the QR for the Wechat itself has  no browser function.)

    Usage description:
    1.Please use this product in a dry environment
    2.Please use the voltage for dc current of dc12-24v,and not to use 220V alternating  current.
    3.The product is a common anode connection.After installed the WIFI controller,open  mobile WIFI network signal, find “LED net*****”signal and connect, open the Magic Home Pro APP ,there are three kinds of connection mode to connect the controller.

    The first: choose to connect directly to the controller ;enter the APP control interface. 

    The second: choose to connect to the router, write the router password , mobile phone choose the to connect the router network signal, open the Magic Home Pro APP, enter the software APP control interface

    The third: choose to connect the router and keep the router in a network connection, remote control can be performed

    Common Problem Analysis:

    1.How to set up with Alexa?

    To work with Alexa ,Make sure you registered an account from app and had connected WIFI LED Controller to your router.

    Then please add the skill named "Magic Home" from Alexa App and login with your Account. Then Alexa will discovery your new devices under Smart Home, and now success.

    Note: Currently WIFI LED Controller can only support ON/OFF via Alexa voice control. We will develop the color changing & dimming skill ,skill in the near further.

    See Alexa Skill of Magic Homehttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0 1HFZI9AK
    2.The controller cannot connect to the router?
         Answer: please check if the router password is correct; if it is correct while the controller 

    still fail to connect to the router,please shut down the controllerand the router; then turn on the 

    router first and then turn on the controller after 30s.You can run the APP around 2 minutes later. If the problem remains after above operation, please restore factory settings.
    3.How to restore factory setup?
        The physical switch controller four times (the APP helps with a detailed diagram) operates

     as follows: In the case of the shutdown controller state;
    1.The first time you connect the controller, wait for 1 to 3 seconds and then turn off the 

    2.The second time you connect the controller, wait for 1 to 3 seconds and then turn off the 

    3.The third time you connect the controller, wait for 1 to 3 seconds and then turn off the 

    4.The fourth time you connect the controller, the lamp or light bar that connects the controller  will flicker quickly a few times,indicating that the controller has restored the factory settings 


    The Android Operating Interface Instructions:
    In the use of the APP, please make sure that the
    controller circuit and power supply is normal connection. 1.Single connection: do not need to register account,open cell phone WIFI network,find“LED net**”signal and connect.

    2. Add the controller's signal to the router for connection control.

    When registering the account ,please connect the controller's WIFI signal to the router (make sure the network is accessible)

    3. Remote connection settings
    When making remote Settings, make sure the account is logged in properly

    The apple operating interface instructions:In the use of the APP,please make sure that the controller circuit and power supply is normal connection
    1.Single connection: do not need to register account, open cell phone WIFI network, find“LED net…”signal and connect.

    2. Add the controller's signal to the router for connection control.

    When registering the account, please connect the controller's WIFI signal to the

    router(make sure the network is accessible)

    Note: if you want to add controller WIFI to the router network in the APP interface, you should connect the controller signal in network connection first. 

    3.Remote connection settings.

    When making remote settings,make sure the account is logged in properly


    1, This products Input voltage is DC5-28v, other input voltage are not allowed.

    2, Lead wire should be connected correctly, according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers

    3, Overload are prohibited.


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